Stainless Steel Conduit Identification Tags

Exceptional quality laser engraved stainless steel nameplates, tags, outlet and switch plate covers and control panel doors are engraved using our state of the art laser. These nameplates and tags can be affixed using mounting screws or attached with chain, wire or ties. We offer stainless steel cable ties, as well as stainless steel lock wire and ball chain.

Applications: Switch and outlet covers, nameplates, rounds, cable tags, panel doors and custom sizes

Material: 304 or 316 Stainless Steel

Thickness: 22 Gauge

Standard Shapes:Part Number:
1.5" Round TagSST - 1.5RND
.5" x 3" Cable TagSST - .5x3CT
1" x 3" Cable TagSST - 1x3CT
1" x 3" Marker PlateSST - 1x3MP
1" x 3" Hanging TagSST - 1x3HT

To order Laser Engraved Plastic (phenolic) plates or Stainless Steel Tags please email us with the attached forms filled out. In order to eliminate questions and/or errors, please provide text to be preprinted or engraved in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Providing information in alternative formats may incur data entry fees.

iTag Cable Conduit Identification Markers

Impact, Inc.’s iTags are manufactured from high density polyethylene for maximum strength and durability. This thin, durable tag can be used for identification of cables, wire bundles, conduit, hoses and many other applications.


  • Thermal transfer printable, with multiple sensor notches for most printers
  • Perforated carrier for easy removal of tag
    RoHS compliant
  • Thin for flexibility
  • Tear resistant
  • Prints on same thermal printers as other Impact, Inc. wire markers and label products using FREE Impact, Inc. Label Printing Software.


  • High density polyethylene, 7.5 Mil


  • RoHS compliant
  • Unaffected by most chemicals

Service Temperature Range: -40º to 225º F

Part Number/SizesDescription
ICT 050 x 275 - 1.50" H x 2.75" W, 1,000 tags on 1" dia. core
ICT 080 x 275 - 1.80" H x 2.75" W, 1,000 tags on 1" dia. core

**Premium nylon cable ties available in a wide variety of lengths and tensile strengths. Stock colors are natural and black.

Advanced Wire Marking Tags (AWMT) Cable Conduit Identification Markers

1) Impact, Inc.’s AWMT Cable Tags are an irradiation crosslinked, flame-retardant, polyolefin, marker tag designed for use with the AWMS 245 Plus printing system.

2) When printed using the AWMS Thermal Transfer printing system, the marks meet the print adherence and handling requirements of AS5942, when tested in accordance
with MIL-STD-202, Method 215K.

3) Operating temperature range is -55° C to +135° C.
4) AWMT Tags are available in 4-hole design sizes, 1/4″ and 1/2″. Dimensions (inches) shown below. Individual tags are perforated for easy separation and handling.

5) Typical applications include general purpose identification of cables and harness assemblies that utilize tie-wrap style marker tags.

**Premium nylon cable ties are available in a wide variety of lengths and tensile strengths. Stock colors are natural and black.