K-Sun LABELShop® Printers

K-Sun LABELShop® label printers are a line of portable and PC compatible industrial heat shrink tube and general custom labeling systems. K-Sun LABELShop® label printers lets you create your own custom adhesive-backed labels on the job for all your storage and inventory marking, signs and warnings, equipment and tool ID, as well as hundreds of other applications in the plant, hospital, warehouse, office, lab or field.

K-Sun/Epson LW-PX900

The K-Sun/Epson LW-PX900 label printer is the future of economical and time-saving electronic label, heat-shrink tube, and bar-code printers.

The K-Sun LW-PX900 label printer features a high-speed, 360dpi print output that creates highly visible and detailed labels, bar codes and wire identification faster and with better detail than other printer models. A 4mm standard lead margin, and the ability to reduce tape waste down to 1mm is an industry leading cost saving feature.

Industrial specific hot-keys streamline and simplify template selection from among 6 different styles and applications for wire-wrap, patch panels and punch blocks. Never lose a label with our special “Drop-Stop” feature. This is especially handy with the LW-PX900’s exclusive “Pick-and-Print” mode. The printer will automatically wait to print and cut the next label in a batch. With these portable label printers all you have to do is print, grab, and go!

For more information, download the datasheet.


K-Sun Green Machine

The K-Sun GREEN MACHINE® is one of the most advanced and eco-friendly electronic label, heat-shrink tube, and barcode printer on the market.

A new high-intensity 16-character, 4-line backlighted display for easy identification in all lighting conditions. Unique, easy font size/style direct keys streamline selection from among 14 styles and 7 sizes. Hot keys for wire-wrap, patch panels and flagging simplify electrical, cable and wire identification. Made of industrial grade high-impact plastic, the GREEN MACHINE® is designed for field or desktop use.

In addition to auto and manual tape-cutting features, the exclusive PeelGuard® finisher rounds corners for ultimate label durability and professional appearance. Six barcode formats, 1000+ symbols and multiple design effects increase label readability and impact. Auto alphanumeric sequencing plus repeat and mirror printing add to the flexibility of label and heat-shrink tube creation. For more information, download the datasheet.



The K-Sun BEE3 ® EZ and EZ+ are electronic portable, compact keyboard printers that create custom adhesive-backed labels in over 60 different sizes and color combinations. They also print on polyolefin heat shrink tube materials for wire and cable identification. Both printers have 8-Bar Code formats for making custom bar code labels for multiple uses in warehouses, plants, labs, electrical, office, maintenance and more. The BEE3 ® -EZ printers are loaded with features to make labeling easier and better. They run on 6 standard AA batteries or desktop AC adapter saving money on replacement batteries. Below is a list of key features that add up to a performance package you would only expect from larger, more expensive label printers.

• New Hot Keys make it very EZ to select type size and font styles eliminating confusing menu prompts.
• EZ snap-in cartridges for custom polyester adhesive labels, heat shrink tube supplies, fluorescent, magnetic, fabric, and glow-in-the-dark labels from 1/6″ up to 3/4″ wide.
• Eight new bar code formats for EZ identification requirements.
• New hot key for EZ access to cable/flag label formats.
• 3-year unconditional warranty for EZ fix to any problem.

For more information, download the datasheet.