Continuous Flat Tubing (CFT)

The continuous flat, heat shrink tubing (CFT), for wire and cable identification, is wound on 100′ or 200′ reels. This tubing is manufactured from cross-linked polyolefin, a flame retardant material, is resistant to common fluids, lubricants, and solvents. Once printed on, the wire marker sleeves are ready for installation without any additional treatment.

A reel holder is available to easily guide the spooled flat tubing through the printer. The continuous flat tubing is produced in 2:1 and 3:1 shrink ratios, in various diameter sizes, and is available in white and yellow.

Product Information & Specifications

Product Information:

  • Exceed the minimum mark permanence requirements for SAE AS81531 (formerly MIL-M-81531)
  • Conform to UL224, as well as AMS-DTL 23053/5, Class 1 & 3 for material and functional requirements
  • Will tolerate exposure to temperatures as high as 275°F/135°C
  • Available in 2:1 and 3:1 shrink ratio
  • Most sizes available in white and yellow
  • Easy to use spools in 100’ & 200’ lengths

Looking for a more efficient way to print and install your heat shrink sleeves? Check out our AWMS Heat Shrink Wire Markers that are already cut to length and easy to keep organized!

Dimensional Data & Part Numbers

2:1  (2X)

Tubing Size (dia) x LengthColorPart Number/ Product Code
1/8" x 100'WhiteCFT(2X) 1/8-100-W
1/8" x 200'WhiteCFT(2X) 1/8-200-W
1/8" x 100'YellowCFT(2X) 1/8-100-Y
1/8" x 200'YellowCFT(2X) 1/8-200-Y
3/16" x 100'WhiteCFT(2X) 3/16-100-W
3/16" x 200'WhiteCFT(2X) 3/16-200-W
3/16" x 100'YellowCFT(2X) 3/16-100-Y
3/16" x 200'YellowCFT(2X) 3/16-200-Y
1/4" x 100'WhiteCFT(2X) 1/4-100-W
1/4" x 200'WhiteCFT(2X) 1/4-200-W
1/4" x 100'YellowCFT(2X) 1/4-100-Y
1/4" x 200'YellowCFT(2X) 1/4-200-Y
3/8" x 100'WhiteCFT(2X) 3/8-100-W
3/8" x 200'WhiteCFT(2X) 3/8-200-W
3/8" x 100'YellowCFT(2X) 3/8-100-Y
3/8" x 200'YellowCFT(2X) 3/8-200-Y
1/2" x 100'WhiteCFT(2X) 1/2-100-W
1/2" x 200'WhiteCFT(2X) 1/2-200-W
1/2" x 100'YellowCFT(2X) 1/2-100-Y
1/2" x 200'YellowCFT(2X) 1/2-200-Y
3/4" x 100'WhiteCFT(2X) 3/4-100-W
3/4" x 200'WhiteCFT(2X) 3/4-200-W
3/4" x 100'YellowCFT(2X) 3/4-100-Y
3/4" x 200'YellowCFT(2X) 3/4-200-Y

3:1  (3X)

Tubing Size (dia) x LengthColorPart Number/ Product Code
1/8" x 100'WhiteCFT(3X) 1/8-100-W
1/8" x 200'WhiteCFT(3X) 1/8-200-W
1/8" x 100'YellowCFT(3X) 1/8-100-Y
1/8" x 200'YellowCFT(3X) 1/8-200-Y
3/16" x 100'WhiteCFT(3X) 3/16-100-W
3/16" x 200'WhiteCFT(3X) 3/16-200-W
3/16" x 100'YellowCFT(3X) 3/16-100-Y
3/16" x 200'YellowCFT(3X) 3/16-200-Y
1/4" x 100'WhiteCFT(3X) 1/4-100-W
1/4" x 200'WhiteCFT(3X) 1/4-200-W
1/4" x 100'YellowCFT(3X) 1/4-100-Y
1/4" x 200'YellowCFT(3X) 1/4-200-Y
3/8" x 100'WhiteCFT(3X) 3/8-100-W
3/8" x 200'WhiteCFT(3X) 3/8-200-W
1/2" x 100'WhiteCFT(3X) 1/2-100-W
1/2" x 200'WhiteCFT(3X) 1/2-200-W
1/2" x 100'YellowCFT(3X) 1/2-100-Y
1/2" x 200'YellowCFT(3X) 1/2-200-Y
3/4" x 100'WhiteCFT(3X) 3/4-100-W
3/4" x 100'YellowCFT(3X) 3/4-100-Y
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