Flame Retardant Cable Tags (FRT)

Flame Retardant Cable Tags are made of a thermoplastic polyether-polyurethane material, which is a halogen free, flame retardant, hydrolysis and microorganism resistant material. These tags are constructed in a one material make-up, making them extremely durable and able to hold up to most elements. They are used for identification of cables, conduits and wires. The tags are supplied on a roll with a perforated carrier for easy removal.

Product Information & Specifications

Product Info:

  • RoHS compliant
  • Tear resistant
  • Raw material fulfills UL94-V0
  • Adherence to MIL81531 (SAE- AS81531-1998 Clause 3.4.2/4.6.2)
  • Resistance to solvents: MIL-STD-202G test method 215(2002) (MIL81531/SAE-AS81531-1998 Clause 3.4.3)
  • Operating temperature range: -58°F up to 212°F. Peak 257°F.

Standard Colors

Other colors available upon request

Dimensional Data & Part Numbers

Product CodePart NumberSizeColorLabels/Roll
522FRT 047 x 236-W.47″ x 2.36″White1,000
523FRT 050×300-W.50” x 3.00”White1,000
523(Y)FRT 050×300-Y.50” x 3.00”Yellow1,000
524FRT 100×300-W1.00” x 3.00”White500
524(Y)FRT 100×300-Y1.00” x 3.00”Yellow500
524(GN)FRT 100×300-GN1.00” x 3.00”Green500
524(O)FRT 100×300-O1.00” x 3.00”Orange500
524(PK)FRT 100×300-PK1.00” x 3.00”Pink500

Other colors available upon request

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