Cable Ties & Lockwire

Whether you call them zip ties, wire ties or tie wraps, these are the cable ties you are looking for. We carry an assortment of lengths and tensile strengths to accommodate your bundling needs.

Nylon Cable Ties

Our nylon cable ties meet UL 94V-2 flammability ratings and work in a temperature range from -40°F to 185°F (continuous temperature up to 150°F). Our black cable ties are rated for outdoor applications and are UV stabilized.

An installation tool is available for tightening and cutting off the excess tail. More sizes and colors are available upon request.

Product Info:

  • Meets UL 94V-2 flammability ratings
  • Service temperature range from -40°F to 185°F (continuous temperature up to 150°F)

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Dimensional Data & Part Numbers

Part NumberLengthColorStrengthQty
IMP-18-4-NL-C4" Cable TieNatural18 lb100
IMP-18-8-BK-C8" Cable TieBlack18 lb100
IMP-18-8-BK-M8" Cable TieBlack18 lb1,000
IMP-18-8-NL-C8" Cable TieNatural18 lb100
IMP-18-8-NL-M8" Cable TieNatural18 lb1,000
IMP-30-6-BK-C6" Cable TieBlack30 lb100
IMP-40-8-BK-C8" Cable TieBlack40 lb100
IMP-40-8-BK-M8" Cable TieBlack40 lb1,000
IMP-50-11-BK-C11" Cable TieBlack50 lb100
IMP-50-11-BK-M11" Cable TieBlack50 lb1,000
IMP-50-11-NL-C11" Cable TieNatural50 lb100
IMP-50-14-BK-C14" Cable TieBlack50 lb100
IMP-50-14-BK-D14" Cable TieBlack50 lb500
IMP-50-15-BK-C15" Cable TieBlack50 lb100
IMP-50-15-NL-C15" Cable TieNatural50 lb100
IMP-50-17-BK-C17" Cable TieBlack50 lb100
IMP-50-25-BK-C25" Cable TieBlack50 lb100
IMP-50-8-BK-M8" Cable TieBlack50 lb1,000
IMP-50-8-NL-C8" Cable TieNatural50 lb100
IMP-120-18-BK-C18" Cable TieBlack120 lb100
IMP-175-24-BK-L24" Cable TieBlack175 lb50

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless steel cable ties are ideal for bundling and securing cables, wires and assemblies even amidst extreme temperatures and severe environmental conditions.

These cable ties are well suited for marine, waste water treatment plants, chemical and food facilities, hospitals, paper mills and heat exchangers. The self-locking mechanism allows for quick and easy installation. To fasten, simply insert the tail into the buckle. The internal locking ball rolls freely as the stainless steel cable tie is tightened. These cable ties offer a tensile strength of 200 lbs and resist corrosion. Tensile strength of 350 lbs available upon request.

Product Info:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Self-locking
  • 200 lb tensile strength

Dimensional Data & Part Numbers

Part NumberLengthStrengthQty
IMP-200-5-SS5" Cable Tie200 lb100
IMP-200-11-SS11" Cable Tie200 lb100
IMP-200-14-SS14" Cable Tie200 lb100
IMP-200-21-SS-C21" Cable Tie200 lb100

Lock Wire

Stainless steel lock wire is made for securing bundles with ease. These cans clip to your belt and have continuous wire for you to cut at whatever length is needed for your job.

Product Info:

  • 0.020” or 0.041” diameter available
  • Easy to transport can

Dimensional Data & Part Numbers

Part NumberDiameterLength
SS Lock Wire (.020)0.020”930’
SS Lock Wire (.041)0.041”220’

Cable Tie Tools

Nylon Cable Tie Tool


The heavy duty IMP-TOOL will help you get the job done. The IMP-TOOL makes installing 18-50 lb. cable ties in a tremendous range of environments a fast and efficient process every time. Our nylon cable tie tool offers a convenient automatic cut-off and adjustable cable tie tension capabilities.

Stainless Steel Cable Tie Tool


The SST-TOOL allows you to secure multiple sizes of stainless steel cable ties. Adjustable tensioning, automatic cutter and an ergonomic design makes this tool comfortable and easy to use.

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