Thermal Transfer Printable Self-Laminating Labels (THS)

Self-laminating thermal transfer printable labels (THS) are for wire and cable labeling. Also known as wrap-around markers and cable labels, these high performance vinyl labels have a white printable area on which to print your data that is protected by the overlapping, clear tail that wraps completely around your wire or cable. This self-laminating feature protects your information from smudging and other abuse. Our self-laminating labels are used in cable shops, industrial controls, electrical contractors and telecommunications. THS labels are available in our 727 vinyl film with notches for easy printing on the AWMS-245 Plus printer.

Product Information & Specifications

Product Info:

  • Clear matte flexible vinyl film 
  • Permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Service Temperature Range: -40°F to 302°F

Standard Colors

Custom colors upon request.

Dimensional Data & Part Numbers

Minimum order quantities may apply – not all items stocked

Product CodePart #Label WidthLabel HeightWrite-On/ Printable HeightLabels per rowLabels per RollWire
665THS-241-7270.30"0.94"0.38"1010,0000.1 to 0.1
THS-200-7270.50"1.44"0.50"710,0000.2 to 0.3
637THS-227-7270.50"1.50"0.50"610,0000.2 to 0.3
THS-226-7270.60"1.50"0.50"510,0000.2 to 0.3
640THS-222-7270.67"2.25"0.75"65,0000.2 to 0.5
642THS-225-7270.75"1.50"0.50"410,0000.2 to 0.3
643THS-201-7270.80"1.44"0.50"410,0000.2 to 0.3
645THS-215-7270.88"1.44"0.50"410,0000.2 to 0.3
646THS-210-7271.00"0.75"0.38"35,0000.1 to 0.1
647THS-205-7271.00"1.50"0.50"35,0000.2 to 0.3
664THS-202-7271.00"2.25"0.75"35,0000.2 to 0.5
648THS-220-7271.00"2.25"0.75"45,0000.2 to 0.5
649THS-203-7271.00"3.75"1.00"35,0000.3 to 0.9
650THS-208-7271.00"7.50"1.50"32,0000.5 to 1.9
652THS-209-7271.25"2.25"0.75"22,5000.2 to 0.5
653THS-219-7271.34"2.25"0.75"35,0000.2 to 0.5
654THS-224-7271.50"1.50"0.50"25,0000.2 to 0.3
THS-213-7271.75"1.44"0.50"25,0000.2 to 0.3
656THS-207-7271.90"3.1875"0.75"22,5000.2 to 0.8
657THS-204-7272.00"2.25"0.75"22,5000.2 to 0.5
658THS-206-7272.00"3.75"1.00"11,0000.3 to 0.9
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