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AWMS Label Printing Software

Impact, Inc.’s AWMS software is a powerful 32bit or 64bit label/marker design program that makes wire marker and label printing simple in an industrial environment. Running in the Windows® environment, the package is pre-loaded with all of Impact, Inc.’s wire identification products formats to facilitate marker design and printing. The software features a user interface to simplify operator training and minimize errors. The Windows® environment gives access to a huge array of font options and allows simple importing of data from Excel or text files.


• Manual printing
• Importing Data directly from Excel
• Incremental alpha and numeric fields
• Automatic or manual routing to multiple printers
• Paper output option
• Wrap-around marker production
• User-defined products
• Programmable buttons for repeated data insertion

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AWMS Printer Drivers

AWMS-245 Plus
AWMS-345c Plus

AWMS Printer Utilities

Diagnostic Tool
for AWMS Printers
Printer Firmware
for AWMS Printers
Printer Configuration Files
for AWMS Printers
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