Laser Printable Self-Laminating Labels (LSL)

Self-Laminating thermal transfer printable labels (LSL) are for wire and cable labeling. Also known as wrap-around markers and cable labels, these high performance labels have a white printable area on which to print your data that is protected by the clear overlapping tail that wraps completely around your wire or cable. This self-laminating feature protects your information from smudging and other abuse. 

Our polyester film self-laminating labels are used for cable shops, industrial controls, audio/visual and telecommunications. Impact, Inc.’s software is all that is needed, along with your existing laser printer, to create self-laminated markers. Simple inputting or downloading of data produces quick markers. Labels are provided on a single sheet, 8.5″ x 11″ format and are available in packs of 50 or 100 sheets. 

Product Information & Specifications

Product Info:

  • Clear matte flexible polyester film  
  • Permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive 
  • Service Temperature Range: -40°F to 302°F 

Dimensional Data & Part Numbers

Part NumberLabel WidthLabel HeightPrint HeightQty
LSL700.500.750.377,800 or 15,600
(156 per sheet)
LSL710.501.500.503,900 or 7,800
(78 per sheet)
LSL751.000.750.344,200 or 8,400
(84 per sheet)
LSL761.001.000.343,150 or 6,300
(63 per sheet)
LSL771.001.330.502,450 or 4,900
(49 per sheet)
LSL781.003.170.971,050 or 2,100
(21 per sheet)
LSL791.502.000.75800 or 1,600
(16 per sheet)
LSL801.883.170.971,050 or 2,100
(21 per sheet)
LSL810.801.440.502,700 or 5,400
(54 per sheet)
LSL820.812.130.881,800 or 3,600
(36 per sheet)
LSL831.173.330.88900 or 1,800
(18 per sheet)
LSL852.002.250.75800 or 1,600
(16 per sheet)
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