Cable Tray and Pipe Labels – Premium Vinyl

Cable tray and pipe labels are made from opaque high performance cast vinyl films. This premium quality, flexible, opaque solid color, high gloss, thin, vinyl film is designed for use on cable tray, piping, architectural, transportation, and general signage. The opaque films offer exceptional value for applications requiring high quality gloss and color films with extended durability. 

These cable tray and pipe labels are available in 1”, 2”, 3”, and 4” widths, all on 150′ continuous rolls and are rated for 9 years outdoor, when applied properly. These labels adhere to many surfaces – flat, rivets and corrugation, and compound curves. This material is resistant to most mild acids, alkalis and salt solution. 

The AWMS 345c printer will print on this vinyl with exceptional quality and cut your labels at whatever length is needed, up to approximately 40”. Using our black, white, blue, or red ribbons, you can create remarkable cable tray and pipe labels. 

Product Information & Specifications

Product Info:

  • Indoor/Outdoor – 9 years
  • Service Temperature Range: -50° to 180° F
  • 150’ continuous

Standard Colors

Other colors available upon request

Dimensional Data & Part Numbers

Part NumberSizeColor
CTPL-1-BE1” x 150’Blue
CTPL-1-BK1” x 150’Black
CTPL-1-BN1” x 150’Brown
CTPL-1-CR1” x 150’Clear
CTPL-1-GN1” x 150’Green
CTPL-1-OE1” x 150’Orange
CTPL-1-RD1” x 150’Red
CTPL-1-WE1” x 150’White
CTPL-1-YW1” x 150’Yellow
CTPL-2-BE2” x 150’Blue
CTPL-2-BK2” x 150’Black
CTPL-2-BN2” x 150’Brown
CTPL-2-CR2” x 150’Clear
CTPL-2-GN2” x 150’Green
CTPL-2-OE2” x 150’Orange
CTPL-2-RD2” x 150’Red
CTPL-2-WE2” x 150’White
CTPL-2-YW2” x 150’Yellow
CTPL-3-BE3” x 150’Blue
CTPL-3-BK3” x 150’Black
CTPL-3-BN3” x 150’Brown
CTPL-3-CR3” x 150’Clear
CTPL-3-GN3” x 150’Green
CTPL-3-OE3” x 150’Orange
CTPL-3-RD3” x 150’Red
CTPL-3-WE3” x 150’White
CTPL-3-YW3” x 150’Yellow
CTPL-4-BE4” x 150’Blue
CTPL-4-BK4” x 150’Black
CTPL-4-BN4” x 150’Brown
CTPL-4-CR4” x 150’Clear
CTPL-4-GN4” x 150’Green
CTPL-4-OE4” x 150’Orange
CTPL-4-RD4” x 150’Red
CTPL-4-WE4” x 150’White
CTPL-4-YW4” x 150’Yellow

Other colors available upon request

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