Continuous Flat Tubing (CFT)


Our continuous flat tubing, for wire and cable identification, is manufactured from cross-linked polyolefin material wound on 100′ or 200′ spools. Once printed, the tubing is ready for application without any additional treatment. Our continuous flat tubing is produced in 2:1 and 3:1 shrink ratios and is available in white and yellow for immediate shipment. A spool holder, shown in picture, is available to easily guide our spooled flat tubing through the printer.

When ordering please note the PART NUMBER and COLOR you would prefer (i.e. CFT (2x) 1/4 x 200′-W) .
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2:1  (2X)

SizeColorPart #
1/8" x 100'WhiteCFT(2X) 1/8-100-Y
1/8" x 200'WhiteCFT(2X) 1/8-200-W
1/8" x 100'YellowCFT(2X) 1/8-100-Y
1/8" x 200'YellowCFT(2X) 1/8-200-Y
3/16" x 100'WhiteCFT(2X) 3/16-100-W
3/16" x 200'WhiteCFT(2X) 3/16-200-W
3/16" x 100'YellowCFT(2X) 3/16-100-Y
3/16" x 200'YellowCFT(2X) 3/16-200-Y
1/4" x 100'WhiteCFT(2X) 1/4-100-W
1/4" x 200'WhiteCFT(2X) 1/4-200-W
1/4" x 100'YellowCFT(2X) 1/4-100-Y
1/4" x 200'YellowCFT(2X) 1/4-200-Y
3/8" x 100'WhiteCFT(2X) 3/8-100-W
3/8" x 200'WhiteCFT(2X) 3/8-200-W
3/8" x 100'YellowCFT(2X) 3/8-100-Y
3/8" x 200'YellowCFT(2X) 3/8-200-Y
1/2" x 100'WhiteCFT(2X) 1/2-100-W
1/2" x 200'WhiteCFT(2X) 1/2-200-W
1/2" x 100'YellowCFT(2X) 1/2-100-Y
1/2" x 200'YellowCFT(2X) 1/2-200-Y
3/4" x 100'WhiteCFT(2X) 3/4-100-W
3/4" x 200'WhiteCFT(2X) 3/4-200-W
3/4" x 100'YellowCFT(2X) 3/4-100-Y
3/4" x 200'YellowCFT(2X) 3/4-200-Y

3:1 (3X)

SizeColorPart #
1/8" x 100'WhiteCFT(3X) 1/8-100-W
1/8" x 200'WhiteCFT(3X) 1/8-200-W
1/8" x 100'YellowCFT(3X) 1/8-100-Y
1/8" x 200'YellowCFT(3X) 1/8-200-Y
3/16" x 100'WhiteCFT(3X) 3/16-100-W
3/16" x 200'WhiteCFT(3X) 3/16-200-W
3/16" x 100'YellowCFT(3X) 3/16-100-Y
3/16" x 200'YellowCFT(3X) 3/16-200-Y
1/4" x 100'WhiteCFT(3X) 1/4-100-W
1/4" x 200'WhiteCFT(3X) 1/4-200-W
1/4" x 100'YellowCFT(3X) 1/4-100-Y
1/4" x 200'YellowCFT(3X) 1/4-200-Y
1/4" x 500'YellowCFT (3X) 1/4-500-Y
3/8" x 100'WhiteCFT(3X) 3/8-100-W
3/8" x 200'WhiteCFT(3X) 3/8-200-W
1/2" x 100'WhiteCFT(3X) 1/2-100-W
1/2" x 200'WhiteCFT(3X) 1/2-200-W
1/2" x 100'YellowCFT(3X) 1/2-100-Y
1/2" x 200'YellowCFT(3X) 1/2-200-Y
3/4" x 100'WhiteCFT(3X) 3/4-100-W
3/4" x 100'YellowCFT(3X) 3/4-100-Y