Ribbon Loading AMWS 245 Plus 345 Plus 345c

Quick Tips: AWMS-245 Plus Printer: Ribbon Loading

The AWMS-245 Plus Printer is a thermal transfer printer, meaning it uses a ribbon made of resin and a heated print head to print on a wide range of labels. With the thermal transfer method, you don’t have to wait for ink to dry while worrying about the text smearing or smudging, nor do you need to add any additional treatment. Printing with a thermal transfer printer ensures your text will have long lasting quality, even in harsh environments, on a multitude of labels.

When you purchase an AWMS-245 Plus Thermal Transfer Printer, included in the box is a black resin ribbon (144856-BK / 4.32″ x 984′), 2 black spindles for installing the ribbon, and a take up core.


To load the ribbon into the printer, begin by lifting the clear cover and open the printer all the way.

Then, insert one of the black spindles into the take up core, making sure the flange is facing to the right of the printer. Insert the take up core into the forward position by inserting it into the left spring loaded side first.

Next, insert the remaining spindle into the ribbon’s core, making sure the flange is facing to the right of the printer and the tail of the ribbon is coming off the back of the roll.

Continue by inserting the ribbon in the rear position by first inserting the left end into the spring loaded side. Reach under the ribbon, grab the tail and pull it towards the front of the printer and up towards the cardboard core. Press and stick the ribbon’s tail to the cardboard core.

Roll the take up core until you can see the black portion coming up toward the take up core.

Your ribbon is now successfully installed. Make sure the printer is latched closed before turning on the printer.

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